Dealing with Threats

A Officer's Guide to Dealing with Threat.

Officers on a daily basis are faced with threats from offenders, without advice from relevant authorities you should never determine how serious an offender’s threat should be taken nor should you disregard a threat that is overheard.

Why Do Officers Receive Threats?

  • Doing the right thing – Reprimanding an offender, removing illegal or unauthorized items from an offender’s possession and, refusal to traffic items for / to an offender(s).
  • Doing the wrong thing – contributing to trafficking of illegal or unauthorized items, denial of an offender’s privileges or request, failure by corrupt rouge officers to deliver as promised and; abuse of force.

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service strongly any acts of intimidation or threats made to its officers and will continue to support its officers in doing the right thing. However, officers who do not conform to the Prison Service Rules and the Prison’s Officer Code of Conduct are reminded that doing the wrong thing can bring about harm and endanger the lives of their families, colleagues and other individuals.

Information Gathering and Reporting

Description of the person making the threat, such as name, address, approximate height and weight, color of eyes and hair, skin complexion and any defining marks, scars or tattoos.


What was said (exact words);


Description of vehicle (if seen), driven by the person or persons associated with the threat;


Description of location (where the threat was made);


Whether the person is recognized as an ex offender (where the threat was made externally)


Date and Time when the threat was made;


Names of any witnesses present at the time the threat was made.

Reporting and Intervention Process

Process 1

  • Report the threat immediately to the Supervisor – Report the threat to the Resident Police Station where you live as well as the Police station where you work (see listing below).
      • Arouca Police Station – For YTRC, MSP, GGP, Remand and WP.
      • Central Division – For POSP.
      • Carenage Police Station – For CCP.
      • Scarborough Police Station – Tobago Prison.
  • Submit written Statement to your Supervisor –  Include the Police Stations and names of Police Officer/s who took your report within your statement.

Process 2

  • The Supervisor will forward report immediately Superintendent of the station.

Process 3

  • The Superintendent shall immediately inform the Executive, by phone, and subsequently submit a written report.

Process 4

  • The Executive will make immediate contact with the Commissioner of Police for further action and intervention.

Action Taken by the Police Service

Police will conduct investigation.


Necessary and appropriate action will be taken based on the outcome of the investigation.


Appropriate protective action will be taken to ensure your safety.

For your safety you may or may not be advised of the nature of the action taken.

Action Taken by the Prison Service

Internal investigation will be conducted.


The Offender who made the threat will be charged.


Any further action to ensure your safety.

Support for Officers and Their Families

Receiving threats can have a psychological impact on you and your family in this regard the Psychologist will meet with you and your family to provide counselling and/or make referrals for psychiatrist visit(s), after which the de-briefing team will provide ongoing support to you and your family as per needs/request.

Ensuring your Safety

  • To ensure your safety, adjust your daily routine by changing the routes whereby you travel or drive to work, school or other events.
  • Be on the guard for strange persons or vehicles in your neighborhood.
  • Keep close contact with your family members throughout the day, always know where they are or where they are going.
  • Always scan your residence before getting out of your vehicle or entering your premises.
  • Never disclose your personal information or daily whereabouts to untrustworthy persons or when in doubt.