A commissary or canteen is a store within a facility from which offenders can purchase a variety of food and personal items. This is facilitated through a system whereby monetary accounts are created for offenders. Friends and family members can deposit money into the accounts to allow for the purchase of items from the commissary.

This facility is available to both remanded and convicted offenders.

At the bank

Provisions have been made so that friends and family members can deposit funds to their loved ones’ accounts without having to visit the facility.

1. Visit the Bank

Visit any Republic Bank Limited Branch

2. Banking Process

Request to do a Credit Memo

Account Name:
Trinidad & Tobago Prison Service Recreational Sports & Cultural Club

Account Number:
1802 6684 0001

Ensure that the offender’s name and location are on the Transaction Receipt.

Maximum of $1,200.00 per month

3. After the banking Process

Send a picture via WhatsApp of the Transaction Receipt to:

Canteen Office

(868) 473-6576


Commissary inner workings

  • Family member indicates to Visit Officer that he/she would like to deposit money for the offender.
  • An account would be created in the offender’s name if one is not already in use.
  • Receipts would be done in triplicate and the original given to the person making the deposit
  • The offender would be advised of the amount of money placed on his/her account.
  • At his or her convenience, he or she can request to purchase any item that is available at the canteen within the remit of his funds.