About TTPrS

‚ÄčThe Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service is an arm of the criminal justice system and a division of the Ministry of National Security. It currently has in its employ just over three thousand officers and civilian workers, who perform a range of tasks related to the fulfilment of its mandate of holding and treating of incarcerated persons. The Prison Service is a unique entity, in that it is neither fully military, nor civilian in its operations as it straddles both spheres in the course of its operations.

Rank Structure

It has a ranking structure which is similar to the military, in that, its senior officers are considered to be in the First Division; roughly equal to that of the Commissioned Officers of the Military. The ranks which make up this division start at Assistant Superintendent of Prisons and go all the way up to Commissioner of Prisons. The Second Division officers are all the officers below this rank; roughly equal to the Other Ranks of the Military. Like the military, orders are given by senior staff and expected to be followed by junior staff.

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service is currently headed by the Commissioner of Prisons with the assistance from his three Deputy Commissioners. The Commissioner is answerable to the Minister of National Security. Each of the Deputy Commissioners is responsible for overseeing one of three streams under which over thirty-five other departments and units fall under, with a few exceptions.

Three - Stream Approach

This three streamed approach was adopted in 2016 to meet with the challenges of a burgeoning remanded inmate population and the overall welfare of the Prison Service efficiency.


Takes care of the Administrative functions.


Includes security and other operational functions.


Programmes department is geared specifically to design and provide programmes and industries in which offenders can participate, with a view towards rehabilitation.