Programmes & Industry Department

Champions of Rehabilitation

The Programmes and Industry department sits at the core of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service’s mission and mandate as deals specifically with the internal opportunities granted to offenders to become reform and rehabilitated citizens.

This department manages developmental interventions, efficiently provides services which target the criminogenic needs of our clients. this is all in an effort to facilitate reformation and transformation in our clients. This unique department organises academic and vocational training, religious intercession, sporting activities, pre-release and life-skills training programmes. Over time a model for proper coordination and management as a group of related projects has developed and the functions of the department have expanded. This department has strong roots in the Restorative Justice Policy of the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service.

The Restorative Justice Philosophy is driven by a Penal Policy that mandates the prisons system to link offenders with skills, resources and opportunities that will enable them successfully return to society. In such a policy, teamwork amongst staff, between staff and inmates, and between staff and community volunteers, and other stakeholders is extremely important. The Department provides the opportunity for inmates to learn, and to participate in their own development.

Development Areas

Training and skills development is offered in the following areas:

  • Academic Education
  • Vocational Education
  • Religious Interventions
  • Life-Skill Development
  • Sporting Activities
  • Music, Culture & the Arts
  • Agriculture
  • Aquaculture
  • Live Stock Rearing
  • Inmate Radio Station
  • Candle Making Project
  • Aquaponics

prison radion station


Yes!! We do provide our own radio station with quality content to uplift the spirits and minds of our clients.

The Many Opportunities to Develop

Radio Life

Train and become a certified radio broadcaster. As well as achieve valuable experience in preparation to re-enter society as an asset.