Departments and the many career opportunities

Executive Structure

The Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service is currently headed by the Commissioner of Prisons (Ag.) Mr. Dennis Pulchan with assistance from his three Deputy Commissioners. The Commissioner is answerable to the Minister of National Security via the Inspector of Prisons. Each of the Deputy Commissioners is responsible for overseeing one of three streams under which over thirty-five other departments and units fall, with a few exceptions.

These three streams are Administration, Operations, and Programmes. As the names suggest, Administration takes care of the Administrative functions, Operations, includes security and other operational functions, while Programmes department is geared specifically to design and provide programmes and industries in which offenders can participate, with a view towards rehabilitation. This three streamed approach was adopted in 2016 to meet with the challenges of a burgeoning remanded inmate population and the overall welfare of the Service’s efficiency.

Enlistment Guide

A guide in making your first step in becoming an asset in Corrections.

Major Departments

  1. Agricultural Department
  2. Canine Unit
  3. Construction Unit
  4. Communication/ PR
  5. Developmental Training and Research
  6. Discipline
  7. Emergency Response Unit
  8. Events Management Unit
  9. Food Services/Ration Room Department
  10. Human Resource
  11. Infirmary and Medical Services Department
  12. Information, Communication & Technology
  13. Legal Department
  14. Marine – Coxswains
  15. Occupational Health and Safety Department
  16. Welfare Department
  17. Offender Management and Parole
  18. Pay, Quartermastering and Finance
  19. Photography Department
  20. Planning, Transport, Logistics
  21. Prison Service Band
  22. Prison Service Choir
  23. Prison Service Steel Orchestra
  24. Prison Sporting Teams – Basketball, Football, Cricket
  25. Prison Sports Club
  26. Prison Training College
  27. Programmes & Industry Department
  28. Psychology
  29. Rise Maximum Radio Station
  30. Procurement Departments
  31. Warrants / Reception
  32. and More
prison radion station


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The Many Opportunities to Develop

Radio Life

Train and become a certified radio broadcaster. As well as achieve valuable experience in preparation to re-enter society as an asset.