Prisoners’ Journey

There was a spiritual and electric atmosphere at the Maximum Security Prison Gymnasium, Arouca on Tuesday 26th June, 2018 from around 10 am, as the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service in conjunction with Prison Fellowship International and their local chapter, Prison Fellowship TT hosted the graduation exercises of an international prison ministry programme entitled, “The Prisoners’ Journey”.

This course aimed at the inmate population of the various prisons is an internationally recognised, transformational programme which combines spiritual teachings with the opportunity to reflect on their own lives choices and the way forward. It has a Christo-centric approach and is facilitated of 8 2-hour sessions over at 2 month period. The Prisoners’ Journey programme has a global reach in over 30 countries with over 250,000 successful graduates from the Programme. Over one hundred and twenty inmates graduated from the programme during this cycle. This cycle of the programme also provided additional opportunities for the Hispanophone clients of the T&T Prisons Service as those housed at both the Women’s Prison and at the Maximum Security Prison had tutors who taught them in their native Spanish language. Commissioner of Prisons Mr. Gerard Wilson stated that, “The course coordinators and lecturers the unsung heroes of the rehabilitation journey of all inmates.” He also urged the inmates not to, “Listen to the negative things which may be said about them in the journey towards change… God certainly works miracles in all of us; all of us have the ability to change.” During his discourse, the Commissioner shared from his personal experience alluding to the fact that it was only through God that he was able to escape from the negative influences which surrounded him while growing up. The Commissioner of Prisons and the Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service continue to partner with the national community and all of its stakeholders towards the fulfillment of its mandate; the protection of society, through the holding and treating of all of its clients.

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